Tuesday, 23 June 2015

In a search for a soul - Ana Zgonjanin

Your gardens are hidden beyond the eclipse,
There worlds lie behind the clouds,
Springs, summers in one and the same,
Kiss by coldness of a hell,
The autumns and winters that follow them,
The imperfections that you hide.

But you should know my lady of roses,
Who chained her eyes to the skies,
You can also find the dark side of a moon,
Beware of monsoons that can blow dreams away,
Fly safely to the stars to embrace the truth,
But don’t forget the return path.

Your gardens are hidden beyond the eclipse,
There the imperfections lie, too,
But the diamond is real only if it has a fault,
It raises its praise to the world,
Although a spring is hiding under the burned ground,
Roses bloom to show the beauty once more.


Waves are rushing to the shores,
Arms of sea foam embracing the rocks,
My eyesight is kissed by the unknown,
The lands, the sky, even the sea in front of me,
None of them is mine,
I am here in my boat on my treasure hunt,
That treasure is the only thing that belongs to me.

I am in the garden of an old house,
Happy family lives there now,
There on the wall of an old house,
In the ground, in the bark of a tree,
Everything has a trail of them, their glow,
Ups and downs that give joy to life,
Even the grasses whisper their names.

I was walking down the stairs,
Abandoned the old ways that put price to the world,
There is no price to the clouds, to the stars,
I am flying high to see the future,
To see the lands, all beauties of life,
Those lands are my kingdom, fields of freedom,
The dream desire that I am reaching for.

Ana Zgonjanin (20th century) Serbia

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