Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Gods in council sit - Homer

The Gods in council sit, to call
Ulysses from Calypso's thrall,
And order their high pleasures thus:
Grey Pallas to Telemachus
(In Ithaca) her way addrest;
And did her heavenly limbs invest
In Mentas' likeness, that did reign
King of the Taphians, in the main
Whose rough waves near Leucadia run,
Advising wise Ulysses' son
To seek his father, and address
His course to young Tantalides
That govern'd Sparta. Thus much said,
She shew'd she was Heaven's martial Maid,
And vanish'd from him. Next to this,
The Banquet of the Wooers is.

The Odyssey, Book I
Homer (c. 9th century BC) Ancient Greece
Whether Homer was a real person is disputed!
Translated by George Chapman
Source: Homer. The Odysseys of Homer. London: J.R. Smith, 1857

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