Monday, 8 August 2016

The Guardian Angel - Bruna Digregorio

When you have been bathed
in scented water,
when your limbs
have been caressed
by sweet oils
and your hair combed
with sandalwood,
there will be
no time for tears.
We enter the world
alone and in blood
and leave the same way,
we are born with whirlwinds
forest fires
and comets inside us,
we are born able
to sing to birds
and read clouds
and see our destiny
in grains of sand
and I'll become one with Gaia,
the Earth goddess mother.
You cannot be a beacon of hope
when you have darkness in your heart.

Bruna Digregorio (born 1986) Italy
Source: Music on my road (Bruna's blog)


  1. Thank you very much Bruce Levitan ✨
    I only wish I could express my infinite gratitude.

    Bruna Digregorio (Music on my road) ;)

    1. Bruno, I'm honoured that you like my post of your wonderful poem. Thanks for your kind comment.


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