Friday, 26 August 2016

Beyond the Sun - Andrey Belyi

The world-gold sunset is ablaze with fire,
Having pierced through with radiant airiness,
above the peaceful cornfield it set fire to crosses
and distant outlines of cupolas.

Airy veils, waving, whispering with a gust of freedom
in the azure expanses
wind around us with cold satin kisses,
flying from east to west.

The hot sun — a golden ring —
Your contour, piercing the cloud, burned out
The hot sun — a golden ring —
departed from us into the Unknown.

We shall fly to the horizon: there
eternal day without sunset shines through a red curtain.
Speed to the horizon! There a red curtain
is woven from daydreams and flame.

Andrey (also Andrei) (born Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev)  Bely (1880 - 1934) Russia
Source: ArtMagik
From Gold in Azure

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