Thursday, 16 June 2016

Country Peace - Mahmud Yussop

The rustling leaves
bring that wondrous feeling
the town people miss
called country peace.
There is low silence
deep in its shallowness
forever going
forever reaching.
I lie in the open air
letting the breeze blow
my ruffled hair
my face too
rubbing it softly
but earthly through.
Natural quietness
is a comforting cushion
that balms the mind
from earthly confusion.
I love nature
and  its rustling leaves
the quietness of mind
whatever good nature gives.
I thank nature for it leaves
my thoughtful mind
well at peace
rich at ease.

Mahmud Yussop (born 1951) Sarawak (Malaysia)
Read more of his poetry on his blog, here.

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