Sunday, 7 January 2018

Virgin of virgins - St Anselm

Virgin of virgins, Mary mild,
     Redemption's white and shining gate,
Salvation's portal undefiled,
     Help by thy prayers our lowly state.

By thy strong hand uplift and lead
     Our souls in paths serene and blest;
With Christ thy Son, sweet Mother, plead,
     Thy powerful aid can bring us rest.

O blessed lady, heavenly queen,
     Mother of God divinely chaste,
For hope and grace on thee we lean;
     With thy sure help, sweet Mary, haste.

St. Anselm (c.1033 – 1109) France
Translated by Daniel J. Donahoe
Source: Early Christian hymns, Series II : translations of the verses of the early and middle ages
by Daniel Joseph Donahoe, Donahoe pub. co., 1911

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