Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Most Favoured Guest! - Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba

O Most Favoured Guest who has come with cheer and blessings, you are welcome! You are welcome! You are most welcome without end!

You remain the noble and generous guest who always visits, honoured with acts of obedience and uprightness.

You are high-ranking with the Divine Nurturer Who has no partners—in Entity, Attributes, or Actions—and by the People of Sincere Obedience, Knowledge, and Guidance.

You remain the Eraser of Sins, the Fulfiller of Needs, and the Banisher of Otherness from my soul,

Shackling every devil along with what is with him; through this shackling you are a gift for those who possess sincerity—

Removing every sorrow by which we are constricted in our hearts, throughout the ages, O Remover of Troubles—

Increasing every year with that which makes us successful, from the generosity of One Who Enriches, is Most Generous, and Benefits with Increase!

O month of the Munificent Divine Nurturer! In you, He bestowed upon us the Night of Glory,—possessing immense merit and comfort.

Indeed, I truly love you with a love purely for your essence. In you, I seek from my Master a plenitude of bliss without sorrow.

I always repent in you from what was committed in the past, through invocation, gratitude, and the Kur’an, for the pleasure of the Indivisible One.

To Him I repented in Sha’ban after repenting in Rajab, then renewed my repentance again in you! So testify to my renunciation of apostasy!

Testify to my devotion to The Book of God in you, here in my place of exile, since my displacement on Saturday and Sunday.

Testify of your love, a pure love of essence, O my Hope! And be my beloved on the Day of Terror and Grief.

Indeed, I love you O Month of Fasting without any infidelity! You are welcome! You are most welcome without end!

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba (1850 - 1927)
Translated by Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes
Source: Lamp Post

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