Monday, 9 July 2018

On an eclipse of the sun - Archilochus

Naught, now, can pass belief; in Nature's ways
No strange anomaly our wonder raise.
The Olympian Father hangs a noon-day night
O'er the sun's disk and veils its glittering light.
Fear falls on man. Hence miracles, before
Incredible, are counted strange no more.
Stand not amazed if beasts exchange the wood
With dolphins and exist amid the flood;
These the firm land exchange for sounding waves,
And those find pleasure in the mountain caves.

Archilochus (680 - 645 BC) Greece
Translated by Sir Charles Abraham Elton
Source: The classics, Greek and Latin; the most celebrated works of Hellenic and Roman literature, embracing poetry, romance, history, oratory, science, and philosophy by Miller, Marion Mills, Parke, 1909

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