Monday, 21 May 2018

Beneath the Canopy of the Skies - Baba Tahir

Beneath the canopy of the skies roam I night and day:
My home is in the desert by night and day.
  No sickness troubleth me nor silent pain tormenteth;
One thing I know, that I sorrow night and day.

Homeless am I, O Lord: whither shall I turn?
A wanderer in the desert, whither shall I turn?
  I come to Thee at last, driven from every threshold;
And if Thy door be closed, whither shall I turn?

Blessèd are they who live in sight of Thee,
Who speak with Thee, O Lord, and dwell with Thee.
  Faint are my limbs, and my heart is fearful;
Humbly I sit with those who are dear to Thee.

Drunk tho’ we be with pleasure, Thou art our Faith;
Helpless, without hand or foot, Thou art our Faith;
  Whether we be Nazarenes, Mussalmans or Gebres,
Whatsoe’er our creed, Thou art our Faith.

Baba Tahir (Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani) (11th Century) Iran
Translated by Hasan Shahid Suhrawardy
Source: The Spirit of Man: An Anthology edited by Robert Bridges. London, New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1916

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