Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why Sighest Thou? - Cino da Pistoia

“Why sighest thou?” Ah! ask not why;
  But late the tidings I have known,
  And all my wishes shattered lie:
  She, whom I love, from earth has flown,
And I am left behind, to sigh,
  To see her ne’er, to live alone:
  My sad life ending, death draws nigh;
  That, now to me, my heart has shown.
My eyes have lost their only light;
  On ladies they henceforth no more
  Can gaze, their one poor joy the sight
Of that dear house, that well-known door,
  Where they went oft, ere came the night
  To her, for whom my tears now pour.

Cino da Pistoia (1270 – 1336)
Translated by Warburton Pike
Source: The Sonnets of Europe, ed. by Samuel Waddington. Walter Scott, 1888

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