Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Tram Journey - Milena Ercolani

You got on the same tram
only to get off before me,
your steps were slow,
your hand shook slightly,
your gaze was lit by nostalgia...
Looking at your gentle face,
your boyish air – grey-haired! –
I saw myself there.
I wondered about your life,
I thought about our journey,
the road we were sharing
on this tram!
People got on,
People got off –
together on this same tram!
Our faces
masked our uncertainties,
only your eyes shone,
as you smiled tentatively
...then it was time,
you treated me to a last smile,
as you left your seat
and the tram continued
on its way.

Milena Ercolani (born 1963) San Marino
Her web site can be found here
Translated by Pasquale Iannone and Robyn Marsack
Source: Scottish Poetry Library

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