Thursday, 23 March 2017

Weaving - Cresantia Frances Koya-Vaka‘uta

                              Pacific               Women                 Weave
Weaving               woven                 patterns
                                     Pictures                in the                     loom of life
Mosaics                 of culture              and family
My grandmother wove pandanus leaves
My mother wove fabric
I weave words and sound of chanting dreams
My daughters will weave
in a computer digital age
Of webbed complexities
continuing to weave
on the age long tradition
Of Pacific women weaving stories
Of who we are
And who we chose to be

Cresantia Frances Koya-Vaka‘uta (20th century) Fiji
Source: Weaving Rainbows in Oceania: Multiculturalism in Pacific Education, in: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies Vol 24 (2) Dec. 2002

  • Pandanus is a palm-like tree

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