Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Where are you? - Aleksa Šantic

When pearls of dew at night are strewn
On meadow flowers in early bloom,
My bosom starts a longing tune:
“Where are you, where are you?”

When, relaxed, I fall asleep,
When my soul calm is deep,
In my heart whispers creep:
“Where are you, where are you?”

When the dawn glows red
In the shimmer of jewels clad,
My soul stirs a song in bed:
“Where are you, where are you?”

When great rejoicing is on high
And gloom prepares a heavy sigh,
My love begins to sing the rhyme:
''Where are you, where are you?''

Aleksa Šantic (1868 – 1924) Bosnia-Herzegovina
Translated by Milomir Ilic
Source: Serbo-Croatian Poetry Translation

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