Monday, 6 February 2017

Taw Khuarj ceremony - a royal poet of the Lane Xang Dynasty

The highest Then prince Laan Kaap Kham Vaa
Presented himself and spoke before his father,
Then Luang, who afterwards gave orders
To bedeck the mightiest elephants with trappings of gold.

There came streams of horses, with sparkling bits and golden saddles
Bodies resplendent in decorous adornment
Never ending entrancing flesh of the celestial people
Behold their arm joints exquisitely pointed.

To the vibrous music of the Phin and the flute,
The two wondrous ones descended taking leave of the sky,
Scintillating pachyderms, both cow and bull,
Swaying gracefully, with a million slaves, spirits’ children.

Dropping from the sky to the terraced city
Amidst the mountain forests fragrant with sandalwood and cinnamon
They wound their way to Xieng Kheua
Where they arrived together thunderously, the heavenly folk.

a royal poet of the Lane Xang Dynasty (15th century) Laos
Translated by James Chamberlain
from: Thao Hung Thao Cheuang, one of Laos' three great historical epic poems
Source: Thao Hung or Cheuang: a Tai epic poem by James Chamberlain

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