Thursday, 23 February 2017

My God - Nyabuoy Gatbel

My God is not a he or she.
My God is not a gender but a spirit.
My God is not Islam or Christianity.
My God is beyond labels and limitations of man.
My God cannot be contained in a book.
My God is not trapped in the pages of man.
My God is not a curved idol hanging on the wall.
My God is not the necklace you have on your neck.
My God is not responsible for all the wrong in the world.
My God is boundless and merciful.
My God loves all the gays, bisexual and heterosexuals.
My God is a confidence that lives within us.
My God is a natural loving goodness within all of us.
My God is my God and you can’t put it in a box and you can’t put a definition to it.

Nyabuoy Gatbel (born 1994) South Sudan
Source: Voice of America


  1. Nice Poem Nyabuoy.Did excellent job.Very touching poem


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