Thursday, 2 February 2017

Kawthar: Princess of Mali - Aïda Touré

O Fountain of Immanence,
a gem from the Throne itself,
laid on the two hemispheres
of the Seen and the Unseen,
mystery dancing upon the Waters
of Wisdom from ancient Arabia to Mali,
you are the decoded undulation
the first light laid in Fatima’s hands
before he took his last breath.

O Kawthar, the Sun’s calligraphy
tells of you still, you catalyze
the signs Idris engraved
upon the Heart of Kemet.

From infinity to manifestation,
you are the most guarded secret
enveloped in nighttime’s veil.

O you Kawthar, the very locus
of the Knowledge usurpers coveted,
you ascend through prostration
in service to the Divine Beloved

Painting by the author, inspired by her poem
Aïda Touré (20th century) Gabon
Source: Visual Sufi Poetry

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