Monday, 30 March 2015

You Have to Fear the Rose - Rafal Wojaczek

You have to fear the rose; it is the mouth
of the wound that bleeds continually inside you.

Because my tongue, oh naked one, can’t find you.
Tell me you are afraid, I’ll believe you exist.

That you exist in yourself; conscious of your body.
The body is a shutter the gentlest breeze’s hand

can turn into a windowpane of blood.
A firestorm will seize the neighboring district,

burn out the eyes of every newborn baby,
while the blind, grieving mothers lose their hair.

Tell me then, so that only my hair can hear you,
so that my skin can tell the lips, with a quick shudder

of whisper, whether you still live in this muddy person;
before I’ve flowed through it entirely, tell me.

Rafal Wojaczek (1945 - 1971) Poland
Translated by Piotr Gwiazda

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