Saturday, 14 March 2015

SINGER(TM) - Joumana-Jo Haddad

Could it be that the old sewing
my mother gave me
would finally come in handy?
You see. my love.
You need to be careful.
I am a seamstress's daughter.
and every time we kiss
I yearn to stitch our lips together:
It is in my genes.

 But then I remember
the thrill of feeling your breath

getting closer.
the warmth of your tongue as it

reaches out from a distance.
and I let your mouth go
unattached like a nonchalant piece of

which fate is still unknown in a

tailor's mind.
so that the miracle keeps creating

under my starving needle.
with no thread needed
but the imaginary line
that magically fuses
your heart with mine.

Joumana-Jo Haddad (born 1970) Lebanon

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