Friday, 11 January 2013

A Little Love - Lưu Trọng Lư

I do not know your age or name.
Why is it my hearts in turmoil?
This lonely love does so embroil
Through long cold nights my soul in flame.

I ask of you a little love
To warm my heart as in old days.
Why ignore you the greetings of
My love offered in spring dusk haze.

Your loud laughs echoed on the loft
Throughout your youthful carefree days!
Peeking through trees the moon glowed soft
While I wove strands of pained sadness.

In drips spring days fell on the yard.
Coldly I followed in your way
Silent and lone I pined afar.
How can I grasp you in my sway?

Let’s wait awhile till our next life
When we can tell old tales again.
Just stand under the old myrtle
And pick the fruit of our first dream.

Lưu Trọng Lư (born 1912) Vietnam
Translated by Thomas D. Le

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