Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rain, Sun, Summer - Paul Latham

A dreary drab day,
It’s grey gloomy glow gradually growing.
The sunshine’s shimmer spent, smeared,
As wild whipping winds weather,
Making tall trees tremble, treacherously,
The beautiful boastful birds become bored bewildered beacons.
A scampering squirrel scurries soundly, safely.
The restless rain raging rampant.
As descending darkness dawns.
The ground greatly gorged.
The suns solitary scorn.
A wanted wish withdrawn.
The timid thunder thrashes torn,
All belief betrayed, buried but brave,
Summers secretive sun scatters, screams, scrambling, searching, sowing sunshine’s seed.
The relentless revengeful rain reverts, repentance, rest.

A typical early summer’s day, rejoice, revert, be on its way.
Paul Latham, 20th century

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