Sunday, 16 July 2017

Realization - Sri Ananda Acharya

I will keep the fire of hope ever burning on the altar of my soul,
I will feed it by day and by night with the fuel of industry and the oblation of thought,
Like a spring plant the great purpose is growing in the garden of my heart;
I will moisten its roots each morn with the water of new resolve, and with vows of renunciation will I hedge it round;
I will forego all comforts, all pastures, till this plant of my purpose bear fruit,
And I will not lose patience if the fruit come not in season.
The Future enters into the Present to weave life's texture after the heaven-willed pattern
And the Past is overshadowed and the face of the Present made pale.
The map of life is many-coloured, showing many kings' dominions, whose boundaries are the theatres of unremitting wars;
I will make this map of one sole colour and Truth shall reign the one sole King for all eternity.
All will I sacrifice — Life, Time, — Happiness, nay, the whole universe of the gods —
To realize the purpose which Truth proclaims to be the all supreme.

Sri Ananda Acharya (Surenda Nath Baral) (1881 - 1945) India, lived in Norway from 1917
Source: World's great religious poetry by Caroline Miles Hill, Macmillan, 1923

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