Monday, 3 July 2017

Oh Madagascar - Michael Parfait Andrianjaka

Oh Madagascar the holy
Big island next to Africa
The sea surrounds you
I love you, adore you, and will never deny you
Because you are so wonderful

Oh Madagascar, you have your marvels
And no one equals you
You are not senselssly immense, because you conceal much wealth
Piety and wisdom

Our ancestors have walked on your soil
We exist only by you
There were times when we called you the green island
Nowadays our unconsciousness made us call you the red island

We attack you everyday, and disrespect you
We disfigure you, without any regard

So please forgive us because we will remedy
I myself, will never give you up

Oh Madagascar sorry for all the pain we have caused you
My deepest wish is for that to cease
Because you are this beautiful island I will love forever
Where I feel happy, and I give you all my love

Michael Parfait Andrianjaka (born c.1995) Madagascar
Translated by Stephanie Rabemiafara
Source: Art in all of us

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