Thursday, 15 June 2017

Poem - Soad al Kuwari

and I bear all orbits
on the strong arms of my delusion
I am a stain on runaway destiny,
and the lightning flashes which challenge
the cloak of my silence
have yearned
for the intoxication of the dream
that always goes before me
and clogs the space of eternity

In a small airport
in some town
I bid farewell to people I do not know
and receive strangers.
I bury my life in the ashtrays
in a small airport
in some city
and the baggage stares up at me
and sticks out its long tongue
ridiculing my stupid smile
as I bid farewell to strangers
and I receive people I do not know.
and I plug my ears up forcefully
so I do not burst within
from the roaring of the passing planes

Soad al Kuwari (also Su'ad al Kuwari) (20th century) Qatar
Translated by Lael Harrison and Bassam Frangieh
Source: A Taste of Today’s Gulf Literature, Selected and introduced by Margaret Obank and Samuel Shimon, International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies, Vol 9 (2), 2016

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