Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Nature's Orchestra - Jane Okot P’ Bitek Langoya

The branches of the trees nod in unison
As the trees hum softly
In rhythm to the rattling leaves

The flags stand at attention
And wave with as much dignity
As they can muster

Then the invisible conductor gives the command

The dust swirls into action
And dances the “twisty”
Round and up, round and down
Side to side, side to side.

Pieces of rubbish strewn by the road’s side
Cannot resist the dance
As they fly higher and higher
In the gust of wind.

The trees groan and creak in crescendo
As they try the “paka chini” dance.

The clouds rapidly gather
Followed closely by it notorious siblings.

At the signal of the invisible conductor
Lightning shows itself off
With flashes in the sky
Like the blinking lights on the Christmas tree.

A prelude to the mighty drummer.

Like a classical music piece
The soft murmur of the drums
Rumbles to a crescendo
And climaxes to a thunderous roar!

Then drip and tap, drip and tap
Then the larger drips and faster painful taps!
And finally the heavenly flood gates are opened
And the pounding rain joins in the chorus.

The parched earth opens up

To greedily soak in the music
From nature’s harmonious orchestra.

The invisible conductor gives the final command
And the music comes to a slow serene stop.

Jane Okot P’ Bitek Langoya (born c. 1976) Uganda
Source: Badilisha

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