Saturday, 24 December 2016

The heavens beaming with light - Joao Jose Nunes

The heavens beaming with light,
The earth quivering with flowers,
They sing, they greet with exquisite ardor
The birth of the Redeemer.

Oh stars of the blessed blue, oh vast fields in bloom,
Celebrate the coming of the dawn of forgiveness,
of peace, and love.

A golden cathedral
Is Nature thus adorned
With lights, with resplendent colours,
Like a rosy, immense and ardent dream.

"Christ" the forests sing;
"Jesus" murmurs the sea.
In an unequaled alleluia
Sky, earth and sea sing Christmas.

Joao Jose Nunes (1885 - 1965) Cape Verde
Source: Cabo Verde Online


  1. My great grandfathers poems. Beautiful to see people still admire them


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