Sunday, 11 December 2016

None like you was ever seen or created - Imam Ahmad Raza

None like you was ever seen or created.
Authority stands in your person consummated.

Waves of stormy seas flout every rule.
Please rescue my boat from the whirlpool.

On reaching Taybah, O Sun, you should pray.
That his light may change my night into day.

Your face is as bright as the full Moon.
Let your grace and light fall on me soon.

I am thirsty; you are a symbol of generosity
Not a shower, but a drop will satisfy me.

O pilgrims! In Taybah prolong your stay.
My heart sinks at the thought of our going away

In Madinah I was always glad
Memory of that time now makes me sad

No one will listen to my tale of woe
For help I have nowhere else to go

Let my soul burn in your love's flame
To die in your service is my life's aim.

Raza! It is not my style or norm
Because my friends wished I adopted this poetic form.

Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi [Rahmatullahi Alaih or Ala'Hazrat] (1856 - 1921) India
Translated by Professor G.D. Qureshi
Source: Imam Ahmad Raza's Religious Poetry, Translated by Professor G.D. Qureshi, Vision Islamic Publications, 1996

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