Sunday, 25 October 2015

Diwan IV:16 - Joseph ben Tanchum ha-Yerushalmi

Because of your illness, O Lord, our illness
is so great; our illness, misery and pain;

Our hearts moaned over you;
the blood of our hearts broke out on our cheeks.

Tears almost wasted our souls
had not God dispersed the clouds of our weeping.

We shall request nothing from Time; it is enough
that your illness was removed, enough,

For in your company we never feared the worst trouble,
and without that company our life would be contemptible.

The days of our happiness are the days in your company,
while the days of your absence are the days of our suffering,

For our joy is in the wine of your teaching,
and when we are ill, your generosity is our balm.

The generosity of your right hand demands repayment,
but our tongues cannot pay.

Rejoice forever, be great, and adorn yourself with glory’s garments,
O crown of our honor, adornment’s diadem!

Joseph ben Tanchum ha-Yerushalmi (ca. 1261 - before 1330) Israel
Translated by Dr. Hayim Y. Sheynin

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