Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Desert of Atacama V - Raúl Zurita

           Speak of the whistle of Atacama
           the wind erases like snow
           the colour of that plain

i.   The Desert of Atacama soared over infinities of
     deserts to be there

ii.  Like the wind feel it pass whistling through the
     leaves of the trees

iii.  Look at it become transparent faraway   and just
     accompanied by the wind

iv.  But be careful: because if ultimately the Desert
     of Atacama where not where it should be the
     whole world would begin to whistle through the
     leaves of the trees   and when we'd see ourselves
     in the same never   transparent   whistles
     in the wind swallowing the color of this pampa

Raúl Zurita (born 1951) Chile
Translated by Anna Deeny

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