Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Sea - Victor Eftimiu

The irrepressible and boundless sea
Gets ready for the storm with each foreboding.
She rushes upward, mighty roars unloading,
In robes of sizzling foam is clothéd she.

And so, in frenzied bout past frenzied bout,
Since timeless dawns she with herself has scuffled.
She wins and loses and is yet reshuffled,
Her restlessness of ages grinding out.

At night, when even dreams appear subdued,
The sea alone is lively and awoken.
For want of sleep, her poise is swiftly broken,
She quakes and idles as befits her mood.

And while her frantic motions never cease,
Down, on her sandy bottom, all is peace.

Victor Eftimiu (1889 – 1972) Albania
Translated by Paul Abucean

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