Saturday, 30 August 2014

VAD - Mrs Bignold

'Valueless, A Duffer!' says the Sister's face.
When I try to do her orders with my bestest grace.
‘Vain And Disappointing!’ says Staff Nurse's eye,
If l dare to put my cap straight while she's walking by.

'Very Active Danger', looks the angry pro,
If I sometimes score a wee bit over her, you know.
'Virtuous And Dumpy!' that's the way I feel,
When I'm uniformed from cap strings to each wardroom heel
'Vague And Disillusioned' that's my mood each night,
When l’ve tried all day to please 'em and done nothing right.

'Valiant And Detelmined', I arise next day,
As I tell myself it's duty and I must obey.
'Very Anxious Daily' I await my leave,
Which I spend with my own soldier, as you may believe.
'Verity A Darling' that's his name for me.
When I meet him in my uniform of VAD.

Mrs Bignold (20th century) England
Written to her daughter Grace who was a VAD posted to a very strict hospital during World War I (No.1 London General Hospital). Quoted in the book The Roses of No Man's Land by Lyn MacDonald

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