Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Musings - Ian Jazzi

It's sometimes confusing the spin of the earth.
The ways of the world, the happenings in this world.
Today she's nice, tomorrow she's not.
Today it's hot and tomorrow... Rain!
Today stability, tomorrow earthquakes.
Tsunamis. Pain.
Up & down like elevators we all travel the floors of life.
Stopping when there's a power cut or when we have an agenda.

I'm musing... Soaring over a broad spectrum of live pictures.
I'm painting freely...
Spilling out without particular order & overflowing my banks.
Life sometimes is overwhelming.
Order out of chaos, but why create chaos if we want order.
Rules are always easy to break so new ones are easily made.
Each individual is a contributor to the collective soul of the earth
& the earth itself to the collective soul of the universe.
But that seems too infinite, too vast, doesn't it?
The mind likes to think around corners they can bend...
& If not, risks going round the bend.
Around & around.

Today he's collected, tomorrow he's dispersed.
The rhythm of life is in the going,
in the forward movement when life itself screeches
to a halt & makes no sense..
I'm musing...
Getting used to this beautiful dame
I choose to live with in the moment of time,
till the next exit.
At ease!

Ian Jazzi (born 1986) Ghana

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