Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I have Lived Me - Tendai R Mwanaka

What can I possibly see?
In the tracks of my feet.
My body knows it,
What my head denies.
That my spirit dwells inside me
Awakened in my womb
To presence of overwhelming numbers-
answerable to my personal summons.

I have often stopped here
to watch the sun rising
And when the sun lifts over,
It beams gold across grains,
rippling like sand dunes
Sweeping across the land.

And if I turn
I would see the thing
That I could have been.
It came with me
Before I became me,
Recreating me
In my own likeness
For my own ends.

But I am here to dare this.
I would march once more
For I have heroic patience.
I would leave
As I have come,
Without a word.
Hating what I fear
Is a goad to duty?

Tendai R Mwanaka (20th century) Zimbabwe

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