Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Wolf One-Eye on Odin's Street - Juris Kronbergs

On the pavement he found, not a heart,
but a potato
It wasn't even round,
but irregular and finished
like a sentence in a praised but plodding
literary effort

The day was gray and tedious
like the ringing of a cell-phone
which only hides yet more ringing

He turned his head to the left
Three cars were parked by the pavement:
two legally, one illegally

The latest findings show
that a collective unconscious
as taught by Karl Jung does not exist
It's said that in psychoanalysis the questions of therapists
determine the memories of patients, not
what actually happened

What was it, then, that actually happened?

Well, one of the cars drove off
But if it was one of the legally or illegally
parked ones, he didn't see

He only saw that it had quite unexpectedly
started to snow

Juris Kronbergs (born 1946) Latvia

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