Monday, 14 July 2014

The hurricane - Haji Gora Haji

A hurricane once arrived         in the town of Siyu
Not only for this person nor for that        it was chaos
It uprooted the baobabs         but left the palm trees
The hearts were troubled.

Rocks flew,         they rolled over and over
Big ships sank,   outriggers were saved
With this violent hurricane,         no dust flew
The hearts were troubled.

The frog dried up in the river      the water stopped
The shore became fire    the waves were alight
With half a bag,                 the cart was broken
The hearts were troubled.

There’s an ancient woman          she captured the humans
She performs miracles    she changes into different colours
Those who coax her       will perish
The hearts were troubled.

Haji Gora Haji (born 1933) Tanzania

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