Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Garden in Samothrace - Nonnus of Panopolis

Such was that shady garden. Near flowed forth
A fountain with two springs, whence all might draw
Perennial waters cool; in many a rill
Thence had the skilful gardener trained along
From plant to plant the winding wandering stream.
As though by Phœbus sent, the gentle fount
Went, softly murmuring round the laurel’s root.
Each on his marble pedestal stood round
Many a tall youth, all subtly wrought in gold;
Each held a lamp, that threw its mellow light
O’er the evening banquet. Rows of mimic dogs
Were scattered in the vestibule, and seemed
With open mouths, though mute, to bay; each hound
Of silver and of gold alternate stood,
As on their master fawning. Each at once,
As Cadmus passed, appeared, with welcoming bay
Harmonious, to salute the godlike man,
And quiver with delight the unmoving tail.

Nonnus of Panopolis (end 4th - early 5th century) Greece
Translated by H. H. Milman

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