Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Little Zebras - Ana Ristovic

The more I read
the more books
resemble little zebras
their spines bend under the thumb
anticipating the riders
they won't buck off.

Books worthy of the black row
are worthy of words,
those worthy of words
are worthy of the white space,
those worthy of white space
are worthy of experience
tamed for the ages
the thin gaps between lines;
without books,
no padded lining
for a winter coat.

The more I read, the less
I know about poetry...
The more inept hunter of little zebras I become
along the soft slopes of knees and table legs.

In the realm of the well-read,
the wise and adept
examine the zebra's teeth, measure the width of her thighs
and assess her stock,
I seek the sweep of her tail,
the play of her black and white stripes...

Ana Ristovic (born 1972) Serbia
Translated by Steven and Maja Teref

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