Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I Always Knew (Sonnet XX) - Louise Labé

I always knew that I would find a way
To love you, ever since I saw your face
Portrayed on canvas at your uncle’s place.
I trembled when we met on that March day.

I sensed we pleased each other at first sight.
In time we let our instincts take their course,
No need for coy flirtation or brute force.
By May, we loved with ardour every night.

Today, I watch the mournful, autumn rain.
Can one who’s loved you truly now impede
The awful fate Dame Fortune has decreed?

Why do you have to die in so much pain?
I think that hell somehow commanded this:
To drag us to a  Stygian abyss.

Louise Labé (1524 – 1566) France
Translated by Alice Park

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