Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Capystranus (introduction) - John of Capistrano

O myghty fader in heuen on hye
One god and persones thre
That made bothe daye and nyght
And after as it was thy wyll
Thyn owne sone thou sent vs tyll
In amayden to lyght
Syth the Iewes that were wylde
Hanged hym that was so mylde
And to dethe hym dyght
Whan he was deed the sothe to saye
To lyfe he rose on the thyrde daye
Thoroughe his owne myght
Then to helle he wente anone
And toke out soules many one
Out of that holde he hente
Maugre the fendes that were bolde
He toke the prysoners out of holde
St John of Capistrano
With them to heuen he wente
On his faders ryght hande he hym sette
That all sholde knowe withouten lette
That he was omnypotente
And after wysdome he was sente
That all sholde kepe his commaundemente
And for to byleue in hym verray
That is our sauyour
That borne was of that blyssed floure
That hyght Mary I saye
That shall vs deme withouten mysse
Some to payne and some to blysse
At dredefull domes daye
Tho that byleue on hym a ryght
To blysse they gone with aungelles bryght

John of Capistrano (1386 - 1456) Italy

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