Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Peaceful Land - Frederik Hoegh-Guldberg

The waves have ceased their tossing,
The storms are laid to rest,
And scarce a breath is blowing
O'er ocean's heaving breast!

And in the far-off distance
A known and loved voice,
From land I see by starlight
Makes all my heart rejoice.

My fatherland! how welcome
Thy sweet and peaceful shore!
There loved ones are gather'd
To part and mourn no more!

Each place doth touch some heart-chord,
Each flower bears some sweet name,
All troubles there are vanish'd,
Forgot all want and shame.

No greener woods or valleys
And no serener sky
No warbling songsters sweeter,
No place can that outvie;

Days undisturbed by longing,
And trust that knows no bound
Pure hearts and ne'er inconstant
Can only there be found.

Ye waves, now gently bear me
To that dear peaceful strand,
Already nears the fair one,
To lead me safe to land;

I see his torch-light glimmer,
I know he'll guide me right,
My heart beats with a flutter,
But with no touch of fright.

Companions of my voyage!
I bid a last adieu!
And hope one day, safe landed,
At length to welcome you!

Too bright thy torch! pray shade it!
I'm dazzled with its glare,
I'll close my eyes a little while
And open them when there.

Frederik Hoegh-Guldberg (1771 - 1852) Denmark

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