Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Walking Both Sides of an Invisible Border - Alootook Ipellie

It Was Not 'Jajai-ja-jiijaaa Anymore - But 'Amen'

It was in the guise of the Holy Spirit
That they swooped down on the tundra
Single-minded and determined
To change forever the face
Of ancient Spirituals

These lawless missionaries from places unknown
Became part of the landscape
Which was once the most sacred tomb
Of lives lived long ago

The last connection to the ancient Spirits
Of the most sacred land
Would be slowly severed
Never again to be sensed
Never again to be felt
Never again to be seen
Never again to be heard
Never again to be experienced
Sadness supreme for the ancient culture
Jubilation in the hearts of the converters

Where was justice to be found

They said it was in salvation
From eternal fire
In life after death
And unto everlasting life in Heaven

A simple life lived
On the sacred land was no more

The psalm book now replaced
The sacred songs of shamans

The Lord's Prayer now ruled
Over the haunting chant of revival

It was not 'Jajai-ja-jiijaaa' anymore



Alootook Ipellie (1951 - 2007) Canada

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