Wednesday, 5 April 2017

God's end - Bruce Levitan

Most of us walk around as if
we have our eyes closed;
Like letters that are sans serif
we miss out on what's exposed.

Take the humble geode:
outside all gnarly and clootie
But then unlock its code
and reveal the inner  beauty.

We look on the surface, skin deep
and think we see what's there;
We might just as well be asleep
missing the hope or the despair.

When Jesus died up on that cross
they thought it was the end;
But He had bridged across—
revealing the real godsend.

So when we see the dark
beyond there's always light;
We're sailing on God's ark
and He has our end in sight.

Bruce Levitan (born 1955) England (born Kenya)


  1. Thanks Martin... it isn't really a "find" though as this is one I wrote myself :-)


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