Monday, 3 April 2017

African Moon - Koumanthio Zeinab Diallo

I have dreamed for you
A beautiful moon
Beautiful as only the moon
Of my village can be
In my village where girls dress
In clothes the colour of joy
And dance to the slender sound of the drum
In my village where no neon
Dulls the magical clarity
Of Lady Moon
In my village where no buildings
Block the passing of the luminous rays
Of Lady Moon
In my village where crickets orchestrate
A mute concert to salute
Lady Moon
In my village where mountains awakened by
The melodious sound of pastoral flute
Rise to salute
Lady Moon
in your silence, O, friend
Accept a morsel of my beautiful
African Moon
To break up the night that haunts you
And a corner of my blue sky
To add to the enchanting green
Of my beautiful Africa
To brighten your sombre heart
To make hope eternal.

Koumanthio Zeinab Diallo (born 1956) Guinea
Translated by Janis A. Mayes
Source: Scottish Poetry Library

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