Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I miss you - Bongiwe Dlamini

your hands, your eyes
I miss exploring your mouth, your mind
I miss delighting my tongue with your lips
And breathing in the taste of you
I am pregnant with this yearning
this liquid desire like
molten lava in my vains.
I love how you cause me to…mmmh.
You move me in ways I want to put into verse.
See, you inspire.
Poetry drops from my tongue
at the mere sight of you.
My fingers have recently
discovered a seventh sense,
and it’s called “the essence of your deliciousness”.
With seven being the number of completion
You. Have. Made. Me. Come. Full. Circle.

Bongiwe Dlamini (born 1973) Mozambique (born in Swaziland)
Source: Badilisha Poetry

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