Sunday, 23 October 2016

Prayer of Eugenius

Monarch of infinite majesty, Maker and Lord of creation,
Feeble and vile at thy feet I dare to implore thee for favours; —

Give me the vigour to govern my will like a king in his kingdom;
Soften my spirit with kindness, and open my mind to thy glory;
Let me live in thy faith, all sects and falsehoods resisting,
Make me in deed and desire a servant worthy thy service.

Grant that love may be mine; make me truthful, humble and prudent;
Silent when wisdom requires, and always cautious in language.
Bless me with faithful companions, with friendships fast and enduring,
And with a servant chaste and kind and careful and willing.

Give me not over to poverty’s pains, nor to languor’s allurements;
Only the needful I crave, but health as a constant companion.
Keep me from riches and envy; from arrogance, quarrel and law suits,
Gluttony’s foul desires, and luxury’s gratifications.

No one by crime let me harm, from no one by crime let me suffer, —
Let not my will from justice turn, nor my thoughts toward evil;
Nothing unworthy be found in will or in word or in action;
Utterance, spirit and deed, let them sing thee, desire thee and show thee;

Grant, I beseech, such power, as shall overcome all temptation,
While in the race of life my running shall gain me the trophy.
Then when the hour of death shall come, and my spirit spars upward,
Let thy mercy awake, and bless me, O Lord, with thy pardon.

Glory be thine forever, of heaven and earth the creator,
Triune God that reignest, alone over all through the ages.

Eugenius (died 657) Germany [Goth] and Spain
Translated by Daniel Joseph Donahoe
Source: Early Christian hymns; translations of the verses of the most notable Latin writers of the early and middle ages, edited and translated by Daniel Joseph Donahoe, The Grafton Press, 1908

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