Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Murder of an African nation - Annie Moyo

You are a third world capitalist leader;
With a thousand words spoken yet not one with meaning,
With empty bureaucratic promises made with little or no intention
You hold heart-beating lives in your palm.
And your self-proclaimed education has resulted in so many broken homes.
You are an anti-democratic leader, a dream vigilante,
Residing in the house of politics filled with politics, politically incorrect;
In the blatant disrespect and disregard for the people that helped put you there.
You have brought shame and embarrassment to this land.
You have unwisely chosen to bite the hand that helped feed you.
Please elaborate on some of the decisions you have made,
Wasn’t there an oath you had to take?
Now you chose to forget that and put my future at stake.
While you sit in leisure and shop in Malaysia,
We weep,
For you have chosen what we have sown to reap.
I wonder, at night, when you close your eyes, do you sleep?

Annie Moyo (20th century) Zimbabwe
Source: Badilisha Poetry

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