Friday, 9 September 2016

Mother, give me my Girdhari - Mira Bai

Mother, give me my Girdhari,
My mountain-bearer!
I do not long for jewellery, or for costly clothes,
nor do I long for a palace or a mansion.
I swear by the lotus feet of Girdhar;
Dearer to me than my own life:
It is Girdhar, my Lord, that I yearn for, ever and ever again.

Krishna lifting Mt Govardhana
(Bas relief 7th century AD in Mahabalipuram, Tami Nadu)
Mira Bai (1498 - c. 1596) India
Source: Indian Love Poetry, edited by A.L. Dallapiccola, British Museum Press (2006)

Girdhar is another name for Krishna, and one of his feats was to lift up Mount Govardhana, as depicted here

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