Thursday, 25 February 2016

Watermark - Fatima Naoot

They will ring the bells the first of June
Some good reasons for that
The most important one is that
It is the first of June

How beautiful to be a watermark
On the surface of a cloud that does not see the sun
Then you watch the world from afar
Like a movie you do not care about:
The hero who is loaded with problems
Stirs joys
Because you are not him
Even if you shed a tear
—as it is only appropriate—
You change the TV channel to:
‘Shopping through TV.’

When they ring the cups the first of June
Do not be sad
You lived so many nights with no headaches
And do not forget that Virginia Woolf suffered much more than you do.

To be a watermark
The world noise will not scare you
Neither will the bills
Not even the liar whom you loved
You will take revenge when he becomes alone
And the police will arrest him on the charge of being bald.
When I become a watermark
I will make you, my lover, miscalculate the pimples
My mother planted on my forehead
To drive men away.

You do not look like Renoir’s women
And you do not look like the Messiah.

When I die on the first of June, you will believe
That the newspapers which were yellow and dirty
Got illegally pregnant
And dropped their embryos under the wheels of the jets
At Almaza Airport
Where everybody is ready to forgive
And mitigate ears
Before they catch the shipment worker sighing:
What a miserable woman!
She will never have a daughter.

Why do you close your eyes, darling?
To distinguish between the jet’s roar
And your untidy hair
That grows an inch
Every time you lie to me.

Fatima Naoot (born 1964) Egypt

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