Sunday, 26 July 2015

Childhood faith - Einar Westling

Do you still believe in heart,
Nor from childhood faith depart?
Can you pray as in the days of long ago:
"Lord, who loves the children all,
Keep me, guard me, though I'm small"?
Aged mother will rejoice with heart aglow!

You perhaps have wandered round
All the earth nor fortune found,
Sought in foreign lands your gladness to increase,
You have wept, for home you long
When you hear a well-known song
That brings memories of home and pleasant peace.

You'll be blessed as before,
If you open your heart's door,
Blessings of your childhood years it will impart.
There'll be joy in heaven, too.
You'll rejoice, to God be true,
You can sing with jubilation in your heart.

Childhood faith, childhood creed,
A golden bridge to heaven you are indeed!

Einar Westling (1896 - 1961) Sweden
Translated by E. Einar Kron

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