Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stars in the Sea - Roderic Quinn

I took a boat on a starry night
And went for a row on the Water,
And she danced like a child on a wake of light
And bowed where the ripples caught her.

I vowed, as I rowed on the Velvet blue
Through the night and the starry splendour,
To woo and sue a maiden I knew
Till she bent to my pleadings tender.

My painted boat she was light and glad
And gladder my heart with Wishing,
And I came in time to a little lad
Who stood on the rocks a-fishing.

I said "Ahoy!" and he said "Ahoy!"
And I asked how the fish were biting;
"And what are you trying to catch, my boy,
Bream, silver and red-or whitíng?"

"Neither," he answered, "the seaweed mars
My line, and the sharp shells sunder:
I am trying my luck with those great big stars
Down there in the round skies under."

"Good-bye!" from him, and "Good-bye!" from me,
And never a laugh came after;
So many go fishing for stars in the sea
That it's hardly a subject for laughter.

Roderic Quinn (1867 - 1949) Australia

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