Monday, 8 April 2013

Say, How Many Stars Are Glowing - Wilhelm Hey

Say, how many stars are glowing
On the heavens’ deep blue dome?
Say, how many clouds are going,
Over all the world to roam?
God our Lord has told their host,
That no single one is lost,
Though their number be so great.

Say, how many gnats are playing,
In the summer sunlight’s glow?
Say, how many fish are straying
In the water’s limpid flow?
God our Lord called them by name,
Straightway into life they came;
Now they all are glad and gay.

Say, how many children hurry,
From their little beds to rise,
And, untouched by care or worry,
Pass the day in merry wise?
They all please the Lord above,
And He gives them all His love,
Knows thee too and holds thee dear.

Wilhelm Hey (1790 - 1854) Germany
Translated by Margarete Münsterberg

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